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Say hello to Essential Mints and say goodbye to energy drinks and coffee!

Say hello to Essential Mints and say goodbye to energy drinks and coffee!


Imagine a healthier and more affordable option to the typical chemically and sugary energy drinks

Small healthy mints that will give you energy when you need it, control your hunger, help you burn fat, help you sleep and always keep you breath fresh. According to Donald Choi, there's a mint for all the above. Having been a CEO and business consultant for years, he set out to create something energizing, fresh, healthy and compact, Essential Mints.

"I typically don't have time to get coffee in the morning and energy drinks contain too many chemicals," Choi says. "I strove to provide a healthier, more effective, compact and affordable alternative to energy drinks. When you're on the go all day and need a 'quick pick me up' it's nice to be able to pop a mint in your mouth and keep going."


Made with all natural non-GMO ingredients manufactured in the U.S.,
Essential Mints are a healthy, functional food candy that provides a convenient source of energy. It is even endorsed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jason Sanders. The company has been expanding since 2014 when Choi began creating a business around a mass consumable product, something he says doesn’t happen overnight. 

"I needed a barrier to entry by patent pending formula and machinery," he says. "Once that was in place, Essential Mints starting taking shape." Now plans for other functional food and candy are in the works.  Choi says his company is going into Probiotic, Omega 3, Memory, Immune, and more.  "We will have many SKU’s, adding some other food base concepts as we'll, but first want to build our brand and distribution.” 

When asked what advice he give others thinking about creating a new company, Choi says, "Make sure you are properly capitalized and hire the right people.  One person can make a huge difference." 


Choi’s present goal is to get his Essential Mints' brand at every register around the world.  While the mints may small, he says fulfilling this dream is a big concept to swallow, but if done right it is achievable.

Essential Mints can be purchased online through and his website Currently there are four types for sale, energy peppermint mints, all natural energizing mocha mints, all natural fat burner mints with garcnia and peppermint, bedtime mints with chamomile and peppermint made with melatonin and gaba.

Susy Schieffelin, Founder of The Copper Vessel: Healing

Susy Schieffelin, Founder of The Copper Vessel: Healing

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