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Un Casso: Protect Yo heART


by Melody Randol

When you look at Uncuttart’s art he doesn’t want you to think about him, he wants you take away something for yourself.  In addition to his canvas work, Uncuttart has street art and murals throughout the U.S. to incite viewers to see life in a humble way, a true way that will inspire them to be as unique as his art style is. 



“If everyone can look inside themselves, focus, listen and think through their heart, then realism can kick in and we can get rid of all the fake shit, be able to differentiate the fake from the false, and focus on our pure selves”

Based in Manhattan, NY, Uncuttart gets inspired by his everyday life when creating master pieces. Making use of many art mediums, such as spray paints, acrylics, stencils, dimensional materials, and more, Uncuttart produces thought-provoking designs. “When I create I am in the most meditated zone, pretty much connected to everything,” Uncuttart says.

“Every piece is created differently and it belongs purposely in one place, then it all comes together to become one beautiful image.”  

It’s impossible for one not be impacted by all forms of media in society. Individuals are constantly bombarded by messages every day without even realizing the weight this has on one’s psyche. Social media, musicians, celebrities, and any type of “influencer” all contribute to how one measures up to others, many times causing them to veer away from their true identity. Uncuttart’s work really inspires one to stop and think about “you” and listen to what your heart is telling you, and will know you who are. His work “Protect Yo Heart” does just that. 

Protect Yo heART 

“Protect Yo heART,” three words from Proverbs 23 stenciled in bright vibrant colors on sidewalks illustrated with an upside down heart, have caught the attention of many passer byers including myself. Months ago while I was walking my Chihuahua in West LA after a stressful day at work, I stopped immediately when I saw Uncuttart’s message. Not knowing anything about the artist, I snapped a photo because it spoke to me. I’m not the only person who has done this. Uncuttart has received may direct messages through social media.

“I see ‘Protect Yo heART’ all over New York City, especially midtown,” messaged a woman. She said when she saw that Spike Lee tagged Uncuttart on Instagram she had to reach out to him because his message saved her life. The woman told Uncuttart that no one had had any idea how many times she’d been depressed, on the verge of tears, ready to kill herself after a drug out, non-productive day; but once she saw “Protect Yo heART,” instantaneously her tears of sadness turned to joyful drops.

“For that I say thank you for making the city a little more livable.” Uncuttart says that’s what my work is all about.

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