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You’ve Got Mail - Wall Street’s NEW Wednesday Happy Hour (to late night) party

 “You’ve Got Mail - Wednesdays at Mailroom”.  If you’re my generation, the first three words of this paragraph signified something new has popped up (in your state-of-the-art) AOL e-mailbox.  Now, we’ve used it as a tongue-in-cheek name to our latest event concept.

     Mailroom is the name of the concept lounge developed in the WeLive concept building, which, in turn, is also a proof of concept by co-working space WeWork.

     Beginning, March 21, 2018, Rogue Nights will launch & host “You’ve Got Mail” , as a weekly Wednesday night after work/happy hour industry networking party that will continue into the late night.

    What will be different between “YGM” and the typical afterwork party?  Besides, the usual food & drink specials offered during happy hour and inviting the typical corporate (Wall St.) crowd , this weekly event will curate a variety of brands and talent, as well as a charity component, to facilitate a more substantive afterwork experience: for example: brands can showcase their products or services to attract investors from the corporate set; artists, DJs, dancers or other talent can develop new clientele; charities can benefit from a portion of the proceeds, etc.

     For the launch event, lifestyle magazine Mode Culture will kickoff a Spring Celebration, and In Week 3, online community ASmallWorld will host a gathering for their subscribers.

      Within these events, a group of brands including Ciamara, a luxury, custom audio installation specialist; Harroin, a trendy boutique salon; Sharebert, a Tinder-like online shopping app, and others.

     We’re looking forward and we hope that you can join or support us for this launch event, as well as every Wednesday.

     To RSVP, please CLICK HERE

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